Serve Me Well "All About You" Preliminary Workshop Questionnaire
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Required 1.
Serve Me Well requires no financial obligation from you in completing this questionnaire. It's important for you to know what is gained. Your information allows us to become better acquainted with your specific interests, needs, and goals. Making for one helluva Jambalaya learning experience.  
* All information remains confidential...We're a tomb! 

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
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Required 2.

 a) Please share with us how you discovered Serve Me Well? b) In the box marked

"Otherwhat KEYWORDS did you use to find us?  
Internet Search
Word of Mouth
Workforce Development
Guidance Counselor
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Required 3.
Your level of Food Service Experience... waiter, waitress, waitstaff...?
Come on babe, don't be shy... We won't breathe a word of it to anyone! 
Complete Novice Beginner Intermediate Professional Other       
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Required 4.
Your Current Educational & Employment Status / Situation?
High School Higher Education Trade School Career Change 2nd Job Option In Survival Mode Re-Entry Job Other    
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Required 5.

 What are your current priorities, needs, goals, and/or objectives? 


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Required 6.

a) What are your biggest challenges? (Hints: e.g. lack experience, skills, education)  
b) Your Pain Points? (Hints: e.g. lack of transportation, criminal record, management issues, coworker hostility)  c) Your strengths and weaknesses (Hints: e.g. dependable, timely |oversensitive, shy)           d) Barriers you face as it pertains to your "finding a Food Server job" or "on the job"? (Hints: e.g. lack of a babysitter, lack of elderly care for a parent)


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Required 7.

Name three things you want to achieve 1) Today 2) Tomorrow 3) Whenever)?


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Required 8.
If all your bills were paid and money was not a concern, what would you pursue

as your lifelong dream?(Hints: e.g. nursing, film, acting, photography, rock climbing, owning your own business?) * If you answered, "owning your own business", what kind of business would it be? 


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Required 9.

What is more meaninful to you? 

Recognition See I am Making Progress More Money Being The Best Impress the Boss       
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Required 10.
No witnesses!  No one saw you drop an entire tray of brand-new expensive wine glasses. How would you handle this situation?
Blame it on someone else, if someone asks me about it.
Clean up the mess and report it to a manager.
Hide the broken pieces under one of the tables.
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Required 11.
What do you want to improve and learn?
Be On Time - Tardiness
Be more dependable
More Self confident
Manage my temper, frustration, lack of self control
Learn to enjoy each day
Be more respectful of others and work as a team with my coworkers
Study harder / Party Less
Learn the fine art of etiquette (good manners)
Manage money better
Prioritize better
Learn how to sell and serve food and beverages like my apron is on fire!
Learn the best way to find a food server job
Learn how to deal more effectively and better with difficult customers
Learn creative selling spiels
Improve my food & Beverage serving skills and techniques
Gain recognition among my peers
Learn how to deal with on the job repetiveness and boredom
Learn how to deal better and more effectively with incompetent managers
Learn how to deal better and more effectively with BOH/Kitchen
Generate better tips (gratuities)
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Required 12.
The restaurant you work for is holding a big event. How do you prepare for it the night before?  
Ask Question about all the details and what will be expected of me.
Get a good nights sleep the night before, so I'm well rested.
Party and drink the night before and take my chances.
Clean my uniform and have everything I need ready to go.
When I get to work, I'll go with the flow and watch what others are doing.
Make sure I'm well groomed, hair, nails... you look great.
Arrive early to work.
Prepare my assigned area/station/section "Mise en Place".
Wing it as best I can, don't think anyone will really notice.
I don't need to prepare.
Hide in the bathroom until its all over.
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Required 13.

You receive a message from a coworker, they tell you they are running late for work and ask you to clock them in so they don't get into trouble. What would you do? 

Tell them, You would be happy to clock them in - "Sure, no problemo!"
Say "No" and if they realize "Time Card Fraud" is against the law.
Report them to the manager.
Say, "No" you can't and won't. Then risk making them an enemy.
Find a different coworker to clock them in, instead of you.
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Required 14.

A customer you are taking an order from, mispronounces the name of the wine they wish to order? How do you respond?  

I immediately correct them letting them know they are saying it wrong.
I ignore their mispronounciation and put in the order for their wine.
I laugh out loud and tell them they said it funny.
I immediately call a manager.
I show off a bit and teach them how it is said correctly.
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Required 15.

When you wake up in the morning, do you make your bed?

(May sound crazy? It's not! The answer speaks volumes)
Always Never Sometimes         
Required 16.
Your relationship with your grandparents
"was" or "is"...?
Very close / Great and very important to me
Respectful / Good
Distant but friendly
Not friendly
Out of sight - Out of mind
It's complicated
I do not have grandparents
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