ArtFest Fort Myers 2018 VIP Survey
How did you hear about VIP at ArtFest Fort Myers?
I have been a multi-year VIP
Friend(s) told me
Facebook announcement
Newspaper ad or article
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What are your favorite aspects of the VIP Experience package?
 Not Important      Most Favorite 
Reserved Parking
Opening Night Party on Friday Evening
Mimosa, Coffee and Scones in the morning
Specialty Lunch
Afternoon Snacks
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Which parts of VIP Experience package did you use?
 Didn't Use Used    
Reserved VIP Parking - Friday    
Opening Night Party on Friday Evening    
Reserved VIP Parking - Saturday    
Mimosa, Coffee and Scones - Saturday morning    
Specialty Lunch - Saturday    
Afternoon Snacks - Saturday afternoon    
Reserved VIP Parking - Sunday    
Mimosa, Coffee and Scones - Sunday    
Specialty Lunch - Sunday    
Afternoon Snacks - Sunday afternoon    
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Are you - -  

Year-round resident of Southwest Florida
Seasonal Resident
What did you enjoy about ArtFest Fort Myers? Check all that apply.
Publix Kids Art Activities
High School Art Show
Chalk Block (street chalk painting)
Food & Drinks
VIP Experieince
Merchandise Tent (Posters & T-shirts)
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Are there any changes or additions you would like to see us make to the VIP Experience? 


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- Supporter of an ArtFest Fort Myers art education outreach program?
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