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The NHBSR Cornerstone award is presented to a member of the NHBSR network--an individual, business, or organization-- that exemplifies the concepts of corporate social responsibility within their organization and promotes the concepts of corporate social responsibility to the greater business community within the State of New Hampshire.

The Cornerstone Award is named for the cornerstone of a building, a significant first building block of a large and important building, which is usually laid with appropriate ceremonies. NHBSR chose the name for the award with the belief that corporate social responsibility should be a foundation of every business, a basic building block, or cornerstone, of our economy and our society.
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Give a brief description of their CSR policies and programs, including information such as the program's aims, approach, key elements and results. 


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 How does this nominee encourage others in New Hampshire to engage in CSR practices?


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How does this nominee work to promote the value of CSR within New Hampshire?


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Do you intend to send supplemental information either via email or mail? If yes, please let us know where you intend to send it in the comment field so we know to be on the lookout for it.

**We especially encourage an additional letter of recommendation from another source to strengthen the nomination.

Supplemental materials can be sent via email to molly@nhbsr.org (please put Cornerstone Award in the subject line) or by regular mail to: PO Box 3562, Concord NH 03302
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All nomination applications and materials are due by MARCH 5, 2018.