Denver Golf Aqua Golf Survey
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Which Aqua Golf amenity did you visit most recently?
Miniature Golf
Aqua Driving Range
Required 2.

Did the golf sales associate:

 Yes No Not Applicable Not Necessary  
Greet you?  
Thank you for coming to the facility?  
Communicate with you where to go/how to proceed?  
Answer any questions/address concerns?  
Make you feel welcome?  
Help make your experience more enjoyable?  
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Required 3.

Please rate your overall satisfaction with the facility. 

 Failing Below Expectations Satisfactory Exceptional Outstanding 
Clubhouse cleanliness
Trash cans neat and clean
Restroom cleanliness
Snack/drink Selection
Merchandise Selection
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Required 4.

Please rate your satisfaction with the following DRIVING RANGE items:

 Failing Below Expectations Satisfactory Above Expectations Outstanding Not Applicable 
Mat condition
Golf ball condition
Target placement
Target style
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Required 5.

Please rate your satisfaction with the following MINIATURE GOLF COURSE items:

 Failing Below Expectations Satisfactory Exceptional Outstanding Not Applicable 
Turf condition
Turf cleanliness
Water feature maintenance
Course lighting
Putter/Ball condition
Course layout/design
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Required 6.

Would you recommend this facility to a friend?

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