TEDxCharleston 2018 Call For Performer Ideas Application
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Apply to be a performer at TEDxCharleston: CURRENTS!

We are looking for all types of performers. If you think that you have an idea worth spreading that can be expressed through the performing arts, please apply.

NOTE: If you are applying to be a speaker, please apply under the Call for Speaker Ideas application. The performer application is for music and performing arts applicants such as musicians, vocalists, comedians, dancers, poets, etc.

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Provide main contact information. We will use this information to contact you and learn more about your performance.

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Performer or Group Name


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Number of people in the group that would perform at TEDxCharleston.


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If applicable, please provide your own social media accounts relevant to your idea worth spreading via the performing arts.
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Please provide the amount of time it takes to set up the stage for your performance.


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Provide information about your group or you. 


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Required 10.

How does your performance relate to the theme CURRENTS!?  What is the idea you would like to share through the performing arts?


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Required 11.

Performances are 6-8 minutes. Describe the performance you would like to share at TEDxCharleston.


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Required 12.

Do you have ownership of the materials that you would perform? 

 [Note:  All performers are required and have full responsibility to possess the copyright or legal permission to use any material for all parts of the performance for a public, recorded and taped event.]

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Required 13.
Performers are required to provide their own equipment and instruments. List what will be used during the performance.  

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What audio (mics) equipment does TEDxCharleston need to provide?

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Do you have any special lighting requirements for your performance? 

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Required 16.
 Provide links to any of your performances and published reviews that you have received.   

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How much stage space is required for your performance? If you are not performing on the stage, explain where you would perform.

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Are there any other considerations?

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What is your connection to Charleston?


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How did you hear about TEDxCharleston Call for Ideas?


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