Anti-Racism Team Personal Interest Survey
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Anti-Racism is one of the four highest priorities of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Our Region takes this seriously, knowing that systemic racism undercuts our efforts to model and promote life in the Kingdom of God.  

We are building a team to give our efforts better focus so that they have more of a positive impact.  We want to know about your interests, the ways in which you are most likely to participate, and finally, how prepared and available you may be to join us in one of the most important acts of evangelism and outreach in our time.  

Which of the following work styles would your friends say best describes most often you when you are engaged with a team in an effort you care about?  Choose only one.

Creating and leading teams
Helping the team to recognize what is true, paying attention to cues and facts
Sharing inspiring stories that help new people become active in the work
Being attentive to team dynamics, caring for team members and those served
Taking complex issues and making them understandable
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Here are descriptions of the kind of partners needed in our Regional Anti-Racism work.

  • Intercessors (praying daily by name for those involved in our Regional Anti-Racism Strategy)
  • Facilitators (running effective, brief meetings)
  • Communicators (experience with journalism, video, print and social media)
  • Strategy Leader (over)seeing the creation and implementation of our Regional Anti-Racism strategy)
  • Chaplains (continue to remind us of God's "Why" in our actions and of the importance of our anti-racism efforts in our personal and church evangelism)
  • Strategic Planners (helping to create or Regional Anti-Racism strategy
  • Event Coordinators (helping to organize training events and activities)
  • Volunteer Recruiters (identify and recruit prospective partners in this effort)

Having read through the descriptions above, please choose one or two that describe the kind of work that you might be called to do in our Regional Anti-Racism strategy.

Strategy Leader
Strategic Planner
Event Coordinator
Volunteer Recruiter
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Please let us know about your readiness and availability to participate in a Region-wide movement to challenge systemic racism and become more active in building a more just and equitable community where you live. 

 No Unsure Yes   
I have been educated about the reality of systemic racism in our community's history   
I believe that challenging systemic racism is part of living out my faith in Jesus Christ   
I usually take part in my church and/or community activities that challenge injustice   
I am being prayerfully led to do more to challenge and work to end systemic racism   
I can devote 3-5 hours a month to help our Region work to end systemic racism   
I would be interested in a one-one conversation about my anti-racism hopes and goals   
I wish to be contacted about opportunities to serve in our Region's Anti-Racism work   
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Please tell us the name and location (city) of the Disciples congregation in which you are active. 


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