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The Illustrious Awards Ceremony, a signature initiative of Babylion Productions, documents and highlights the contributions of Tri-State Area Latinos to the advancement of the United States of America. The contributions of Latino icons are video-featured and honored in a professionally produced formal ceremony and Collectible Tribute Journal.


The Institute's Illustrious Awards Selection Committee, composed by representatives of the judged fields of work, selects three finalists per category, based on the following criteria:

1. Nominee can be of any race 
2. Nominee has at least twenty years of experience in her/his field (years of experience may be substituted 5 years per 1 major accomplishment)
3. Nominee must have at least one major accomplishment in her/his field
4. Nominee has documented contributions to the socio-economic and political advancement of Latinos in USA

The honoree in each category will be the finalist with the highest point average in judged areas.
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The Illustrious Awards Ceremony, a signature initiative of The Institute for Latino Studies, documents and highlights individuals who have contributed to the advancement of 
US diverse communities.  Honorees's life stories are video-featured and honored in a professionally produced formal ceremony and Collectible Tribute Journal.

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