Recognizing Exemplary Performance - The Essential Piece Award Nominations
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An improved nomination process makes it easy to create a strong nomination for any deserving community action associate. Show your gratitude and let team members from the boardroom to the mailroom know you value what they do. Nominate ONE person today who demonstrates "the heart" of community action! By 'the heart', means full of passion, dedication, discipline....someone who consistently goes above and beyond agency expectations and demonstrates consistent service and results to their agency, their co-workers and their communities.
Executive Directors/CEOs:
Deadline for entries is Friday, March 30, 2018.
Who's Eligible?
" Regular status employees working 30 or more hours per week who have been
employed with your Agency in such capacity for a minimum of 12 months.
" Regular status employees working at least 20 hours, but less than 30 hours per week and who have been employed with your Agency for a minimum of four calendar years.
" Nominations shall be submitted online or emailed to by 5:00 PM on Friday, March 30, 2018.
" Include completed Community Action Employee of the Year Nomination Form and a headshot.
All nominees will be recognized at this year's conference and automatically qualify for "The ESSENTIAL PIECE" Community Action Employee of the Year Award.

"The ESSENTIAL PIECE" Community Action Employee of the Year Award" will be selected by an independent selection team. Student employment and volunteers shall not be recognized for the purposes of this award. 2018 winners will not be eligible for nomination for three years. 

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Please use the space provided to identify attributes that identify your nominee as an individual worthy of the recognition of the "Essential Piece: Community Action Employee of the Year Award."  Please consider the following attributes of your nominee:

Contribution to Position, Department and Agency:  Provide examples of accomplished work contributions within their department and agency.  These might include:  motivation; initiative; organizational skills; prioritizing; initiating new methods or approaches resulting in increased effectiveness or efficiency; ability to accomplish goals and exceed job expectations; work ethic; customer service; dependability; supervisory skills; and/or teamwork.

Community Service:  Provide examples of the contributions to the community.  Examples might include participating in civic organizations, public schools, volunteer services and/or faith-based activities.

Individual Achievements/Traits:  Identify traits you believe contribute to this individual's job performance.

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