2018 Park Over 400 Survey by NBCA
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Dear survey taker.  This survey was released to the pubic as part of our October 2017 North Buckhead Newsletter.  The survey article was unfortunately placed at the bottom of a page with articles on other topics and the resulting response rate (less than 100 surveys were completed) was unusually low.  If you took the survey before, feel free to take it again.  Results from the October and March versions of this survey will be tallied and reported separately.This was explained in more detail on page 6 of our March newsletter edition, online at www.nbca.org/newsletters/2018-03.pdf.  This survey will automatically at the end of the day on April 20, 2018.
This survey is about the Park Over 400 and MARTA's Role in North Buckhead. We appreciate your participation. 
We will ask for your address since we have often found that important insights can be had by considering respondents' locations when tallying their answers.  We'll publish all responses to this survey but will just include street names (without house numbers) and will show responses at approximate locations on street maps if results are mapped.  Survey-taker names will not be published
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Park Over 400 is a plan to build a half-mile long, seven-acre park over GA400 and above the Buckhead MARTA Station.  It would extend from Lenox Road to Peachtree Road, entirely inside our North Buckhead neighborhood.  It would provide a traffic-free extension of PATH400 from the north side of Lenox Road to the south side of Peachtree Road.  
This is a park proposed by the Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID).  The BCID is a non-profit quasi-governmental corporation financed and controlled by Buckhead area business interests. This park is a proposal, not a certainty.  It has not been approved by the city, state or federal governments.  A 4-3 vote in July by BCID's board allocated funding to continue planning efforts for the park.     
These links from various sources provide background information about
Park Over 400:  

How familiar are you with the plan to build a park over GA 400 between Peachtree and Lenox Roads? 

Very Familiar
Somewhat Familiar
Not very familiar
Never heard of it before this survey

This park is currently estimated by the BCID to cost about $250,000,000 (a quarter of a billion dollars).  To our knowledge, no major funding sources have committed to help build the park.  Would you be willing to help pay for it?

 Yes Likely Not Sure Unlikely No 
Pay with your taxes (sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes, etc.)
Make a charitible donation
Pay admittance fees for events
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Are you concerned about possible problems resulting from Park Over 400?   

 Not Concerned Not Sure Concerned   
Increased Buckhead traffic volumes and congestion   
Musical event or crowd noise impact on your home or nearby residences   
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What is your opinion about creating this park?  

I suport building it
I oppose building it
I am not sure

If built, would you use the park for recreation, musical and cultural events, etc.?

Very Frequently
Maybe once a year
Probably never

Do you have additional thoughts to share about Park Over 400? 


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2018 - MARTA's Changing Role in North Buckhead  
Last fall, Atlanta voters approved a sales tax increase to fund improvements to MARTA within the city limits.  Some are excited about this initiative helping to address one of the city's biggest problems: traffic.  Atlanta will raise $2.5 billion over 40 years.  Should any of it be spent to help North Buckhead? If so, how?

What local route improvements would lead you to use MARTA/transit more? 

 More MARTA Use Not Sure No change   
MARTA bus service along Wieuca Road   
MARTA bus service along Peachtree Dunwoody Road   
MARTA bus service along Old Ivy Road   
MARTA bus service along Lakemoore Drive   
MARTA bus service along Loridans Drive   
MARTA bus service along Lenox Road   
SIgnalized crosswalks across Roswell Road at MARTA bus stops   
Low cost UBER-type service between your home and a MARTA train station   
Parking near Roswell Road to let you easily use existing MARTA bus services   
Buckhead area connection to Cobb County transit   
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How often do you currently use MARTA and do you think that might change in the furure?  

 Most days Most weeks Occasionally Seldom Never 
My current use of MARTA trains
My current use of MARTA buses
My future use of MARTA trains if service improves
My future use of MARTA buses if service improves
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Do you have comments on MARTA, transit, and related topics?  


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