FCC/MOKAN Grant Application
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Given the previous difficulties submitting a grant request, we are trying a different approach that we hope will be easier to use and quicker to process.

Enter the information requested in the spaces provided.  If you want to send additional materials (flyers, transcripts, other supporting documents), please be sure that your contact information is included in the email and the name of this project is in the subject line.


Subject line:  NE KC Community Wellness Initiative

Somewhere in the body of the email:  Contact Name, Email, Phone Number

Send emails with attached documents to fccreviewteam@kcdisciples.org

 When you complete this application form, it is automatically submitted for review by the First Christian Church Kansas City Fund Grant Review Committee.
Please enter the information about yourself (the person completing this application) and the congregation for which this application is being made.

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Leadership Development
Congregational Growth and Vitality
Response to and Advocacy for the well-being of the African-American community
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Provide a brief summary statement (200 words or less) of the nature of this proposal identifying the specific African-American or Urban ministry within the Christian Church(Disciples of Christ) to be served. If you have a flyer or other supporting documentation, send that in a separate email to  fccreviewteam@kcdisciples.org.

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Provide a brief (200 words or less) description of the sponsoring agency, organization, congregation or individual. Any application for undergraduate or graduate scholarships must be accompanied by an official transcript. Send additional pages as necessary to fccreviewteam@kcdisciples.org  


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Required 5.
Provide a brief (200 words or less) but detailed description of the purpose of this project, listing the goals, objectives and target audience. You should include details on how the effectiveness of this project will be measured along with the evaluation method to be utilized. Send additional pages as necessary to fccreviewteam@kcdisciples.org 

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Provide the amount of the request along with sufficient details of the budget request.Send additional pages as necessary to fccreviewteam@kcdisciples.org.



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By checking YES below, I affirm that the information that I am providing is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and, our congregation will honor the guidelines outlined in the instruction sheet for this grant.  

Thank you for your application.  The FCCKC Fund Grant Application Review Committee will review this application and any additional material that you sent and respond as soon as possible.