IHEA-USA Professional Hall of Fame Award for 2017
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Any Hunter Education professional either active, retired or deceased who exhibits (ed) outstanding traits that have helped to improve the Hunter Education movement in a manner that exceeds the general effort.

Note: This award is intended to recognize Hunter Education agency staff for their efforts supporting Hunter Education over the course of their professional careers. Individuals can only receive this award once.

After the nomination has gone through the awards process, the final decision will be approved by the IHEA-USA Board of Directors.

Nominations deadline is Friday April 20, 2018

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IHEA-USA Nominator

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How many years has the nominee been involved with Hunter Education?


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Briefly outline the nominee's involvement? Start with the present and work back in time?


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What significant or innovative contributions has the nominee made to Hunter Education and why nominee is deserving of this award? Be specific.


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List nominee's outstanding Hunter Education work in the past; i.e. activities that show work beyond what is normally expected?


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List any awards or recognition that the nominee has received in the past for work in Hunter Education?


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List nominee's other organizational affiliations and/or activities related to Hunter Education, Wildlife Conservation, and recruitment, retention, reactivation of hunters.  


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