IHEA-USA Professional of the Year Award for 2017
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A Hunter Education professional may be nominated from each state, province, or jurisdiction. The nominee must be a full-time, paid employee of the state, province or jurisdiction in which they reside.

The nominee will have performed an outstanding service to the agency, state, province, or jurisdiction in Hunter Education or facet of hunting, and will have supported the IHEA-USA mission in doing so, including, but not limited to:

1. Education of Hunters

2. Recruitment Efforts

3. Youth Hunting Activities

4. Innovative Training

5. Community Service

6. Enforcement Efforts

7. Any Other Consideration

Determining factors: Originality, breadth/scope of effort or program, impact of the innovation.

Note: This award recognizes a Hunter Education Professional's efforts over the last year. Work in Hunter Education over the individual's lifetime will receive consideration, but is not the primary criteria on which the award is judged and given.

This award is sponsored and judged by the National Rifle Association. These nominations are forwarded to NRA.

Nominations deadline is Friday April 20, 2018

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IHEA-USA Nominator

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How many years has the nominee been involved with Hunter Education?


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Briefly outline the nominee's involvement? Start with the present and work back in time?


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What significant contributions has the nominee made to Hunter Education in the past year and why nominee is deserving of this award? Be specific!


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To what extent has the nominee actively supported and/or served Hunter Education and hunting in their respective jurisdiction? Be specific!


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What efforts has the nominee made in promoting Hunter Education outside of their normal duties?


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List nominee's other organizational affiliations and/or activities related to Hunter Education, Wildlife Conservation, and recruitment, retention, reactivation of hunters.  


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