2018 WYEP Singer-Songwriter Competition Sign-Up
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Preliminary rounds for WYEP's 2018 Singer-Songwriter competition will take place at Market Square Saturday Night Market on July 7, July 21, Aug. 4, and Aug. 18. The final round will be held on September 8th. This competition is for solo singer-songwriters, performing original music, accompanied by one instrument. No covers, background vocals or additional instruments are permitted.There are 15 slots for each preliminary round for a total of 60 slots and performers will be chosen at random from all registrants received before midnight, June 22, 2018. All registrants will receive a notification about the status of their application shortly after June 22, 2018.

For contest rules, click here  
Questions? Email Nick Wright at nick@wyep.org. 
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7/7/18, 6-8 PM
7/21/18, 6-8 PM
8/4/18, 6-8 PM
8/18/18, 6-8 PM
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7/7/18, 6-8 PM
7/21/18, 6-8 PM
8/4/18, 6-8 PM
8/18/18, 6-8 PM

What instrument will you (or your accompanist) play? Limit one instrument onstage - no supporting or background vocals. See contest rules.


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