Thank you for your interest in the CBA Diversity and Inclusion Committee Lawyer to Lawyer program. The intent of this program is to make our Bar and community more inclusive and welcoming.

The Lawyer to Lawyer Program involves pairing lawyers of many diverse backgrounds for one year - starting with a spring kick-off meeting. Participants agree to share at least four to five experiences throughout the year in areas such as professional, social and family life; religious, cultural, academic, and musical activities; sports, hobbies, and other special interests; and dining.

The hope is that by interacting and sharing these varied experiences, lawyers from diverse backgrounds will create new and expanded opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue. The broader goal is to enhance the cohesion, character, and inclusiveness of our local legal profession.

We value your interest in the Lawyer to Lawyer program.  Please complete the following questionnaire by May 11th to better enable us to pair you with an attorney. 

All questionnaires submitted will be kept confidential, and will only be used for the purpose of participant pairings.  
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