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We would like to learn about you so we can best meet your needs. 
Please make sure you provide us with all your contact information so we can call / email you asap. Should you like to reach out immediately please feel free to do so at 416.816.9154 / info@bcctc.ca
What size is your business?
1 - 9 people
10 - 50 people
More than 51 people
Other (i.e. retired)
How did you hear about the Chamber?
A referral
UK Consulate
British Canadian Newspaper
Our website
A British organisation
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What is your primary reason for joining the Chamber?


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What type of events would you be most interested in?

Business networking
Business seminars about the UK
Business seminars about Brexit
Business seminars about UK-Canada opportunities
Seminars about business practices
Brit social events
Industry sector seminars, please specify
If you have attended our events, which events have you found beneficial to your professional development or advancement of your business ventures? 

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As you may already know, we partner with different association for events or programs, would you like the BCCTC to pursue partnerships with other organisations?

Yes, organisations promoting international trade
Yes, organisations promoting investment
Yes, organisations in other cities / countries
Yes, sector focused organisations, please specify:
Are you aware of the benefits of being a member of the BABC ~ Business American Business Council?

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Will you be willing to offer a special service or discount to our members as a way to promote your business?  

Not at this time
If you have experienced our events and services, please let us know how valuable you find each of the following attributes of membership.
 1 - Not at all valuable 5 - Very valuable 
BCCTC emails
Discounts to events
Access to research
Educational programs
Membership overall
Website content
Discounts to services with other members
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