Washington State SENG Model Parent Group Interest Survey
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SENG Model Parent Groups bring individuals and families together to discuss the challenges associated with raising a gifted child. The co-facilitators of these groups, though knowledgeable about parenting and gifted education, do not attempt to give advice. Instead their facilitation provides a non-judgmental and nurturing atmosphere for individuals and families to exchange ideas.

Hosted by two SENG certified facilitators, discussion topics include issues like motivation, discipline, stress management, peer relationships and more. The groups meet weekly for approximately 8-10 weeks. More information at www.sengifted.org.
How old are your children? (select all that apply)
Infant to preschool
Middle school
High school
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How far are you willing to travel for weekly sessions (8 to 10 weeks)?
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0-40 Miles
0-50 Miles
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When would you likely be available to meet? (select all that apply)
 Spring Summer Fall Winter  
Weekday evenings  
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Weekday afternoons  
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Weekday mornings  
Weekend mornings  
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Please provide an email address that you would like us to use to notify you about SMPGs in your area.

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