Cedar-Lee Mini Park Placemaking
We want to hear from you --residents, shop owners and patrons-- to better understand the dynamic voices that our community shares.

This survey focuses on the Cedar-Lee Mini-Park Placemaking Project that seeks to enhance the walkway that connects the parking lot and garage behind the Cedar Lee Theatre and Boss Dog Brewery buildings

Completing this survey is one way to share your ideas and provide feedback on ideas you have heard. We will also hold a visioning workshop on Saturday, June 2, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at CLE Urban Winery. All are welcome to attend.

All questions are optional. If you prefer not to answer any question you may leave it blank. 

Thank you!
What is your connection to the Cedar Lee Business District? Please select all that apply. 
Business Owner
Visitor (resident of Cleveland Heights)
Visitor (non-resident of Cleveland Heights)
Property Owner
High School Student

How do you travel to the Cedar Lee District? Please select all that apply. 


Do you currently spend time in the Cedar Lee Mini-Park? If so, how?


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What challenges have you observed in the Cedar Lee Mini-Park, if any?

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We want to make the Cedar Lee Mini-Park work for you. What ideas for improvements and investments do you have? 


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Please answer the following from a scale of 1 (Strongly disagree) to 5 (Strongly agree)
 Strongly Disagree    Strongly Agree 
A great sense of place is developed and enhanced through design and art in public spaces.
Public spaces are animated through pedestrian-oriented designs, festivals and special events.
Heritage and cultural values are identified and celebrated through community engagement.
I want to see the mini-park placemaking focus on fine arts such as paintings, murals and sculptures.
I want to see the mini-park placemaking focus on performing arts such as live music, small theater, and dance.
I want to see the mini-park placemaking focus on botanical beauty such as flowers, small trees and other flora.
I want to see the mini-park placemaking focus on the cultural heritage of Cleveland Height residents.
I want to see the mini-park placemaking focus on education in the Heights and achievements by Cleveland Heights' youth.
I think the mini-park placemaking project will enhance my experience at the Cedar Lee Business District.
I would spend more time in the Cedar Lee district if more projects like this were underway.
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