St. Dominic Pastoral Council Nominations

Pastoral Council is called in the ministry of leadership in the Christian community. Our Pastoral Council is made up of parishioners who work together with the pastor to develop a vision for the parish, to set policy, and to guide and direct the parish. Our role is governance, not management. Pastoral Council members serve a 3-year term. Pastoral Council will add three new members from our pool of nominees using the discernment process. This process involves personal reflection, prayer and group dialogue to discern the will of the Holy Spirit. Pastoral Council member characteristics and eligibility requirements can be downloaded here: Pastoral Council Nomination Information

If you have any questions about the nomination or discernment process, please feel free to contact any of the current pastoral council members. You are welcome to nominate yourself. Nominees will be contacted regarding their nomination and invited to an orientation and discernment process as a Pastoral Council Nominee. 

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