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Dads4kids needs your help. We want to understand your needs so we can better serve you as a father. We are planning to renew our newsletter, website, improve our digital delivery and do what we can to serve you better. We need your thoughts, opinions, ideas and maybe your practical help as a volunteer. Thank you for taking 5 minutes to fill out this survey. Everyone who does so will receive a copy of the 'Little Blue book of Tips for Fathers & Father-figures' by Dr Bruce Robinson.
Required 1.
1. How did you first hear about Dads4Kids? Tick one or any number of the following boxes.
Dads4kids TV Ad
Dads4Kids Radio Spot
Searching the Web
Friend Recommended Dads4Kids
Attended a Dads4Kids Seminar
Completed a Dads4Kids 'Good to Great' Fathering Course
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Required 2.

How many children do you have? 

One Child
Two CHildren
Three Children
Four Children
Five Children
No Children
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Required 3.
Please rank your interest in the following fatherhood topics.

(1 = Most Interested)
Expectant Dads
Dads with young children
Dads with older children
Dads with Teenagers
Dads in General & Dad stories
Single Dads
Marriage and sex
Deeper Spiritual issues regarding manhood, fatherhood, marriage & family
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Please rank your interest in the ten sections of our weekly Dads4Kids Newsletter to inspire fathers and encourage families. If you don't receive our newsletter it would be very hard for you to complete this question. Having said that we would love you to complete this question if you able. Thank you again for your help. 

(1 = Most Interested)
Frontline by Warwick Marsh
Thought of the Week
Link of the Week
Single Dads
All You Need is Love
Special Feature
News & Info
Dads Prayer
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Are you happy to choose the things you want to read out of the Dads4Kids Newsletter? Should we shorten the Dads4Kids Newsletter or is it just right? Tick one box. 

The Dads4Kids Newsletter is just right and very valuable to me.
It is good but you could shorten the newsletter
The Dads4Kids Newsletter is okay but please please shorten it
I don't like your Dads4Kids Newsletter and you should forget it
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On what device do you read the newsletter?
Mostly desktop/laptop computer
Ipad or hand held tablet
Mostly my phone (Please make it adjustable to my phone ASAP?)
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Required 7.

Please give us any comments on the Dads4Kids website? 

The Dads4Kids website is a great resource.
The Dads4Kids website is a great resource but it needs to be updated ASAP.
Please put up more videos.
I am interested in your online Fathering Course.
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Required 8.

Please tick  any of the boxes of the resources you believe we need to provide for fathers and families. 

More online resources for Dads through the web.
More online resources for Dads through the newsletter..
More online resources for Dads through an Online Fathering Course
More TV CSA ads to encourage fathers and mothers
Fathering Seminars
Fathering Courses
Fatherhood and Marriage Counselling Service
Help for single Dads
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Required 9.
 We would be delighted if you could assist us in our mission to inspire dads and encourage families.  Tick one box or many. Please tell us if you are able to help us in any of the following areas?
Facebook & social media helper
Writing Articles for newsletter and other things
Fatherhood blogger
Website helper
Fathering Course Facilitator
Artwork helper
Research and submission writer
International Men's Day and International Boys' Day
Advocacy for fathers and men's issues
Mentoring Fathers
Counselling and helping other men
Love what you do but I am too busy to help you
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Please enter the information indicated below. We want to send you a free copy of the 'Little Blue Book of Tips for Fathers and Father-figures' by Dr Bruce Robinson so we need your address to do so.The book is small and less than 40 pages. It is ideal for busy dads to read. Thank you for your help with the survey. Unfortunately, due to postage costs, this free booklet is only available to Australian residents.

By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

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