Feedback from Attendees

Thank you for registering for the Fire & Ice Show!  Were you able to attend?  

If the answer is "No", please skip to question 3.  

As an association, UMAPP wanted to provide members with a unique and different show experience.  The US Bank Stadium was chosen because it is an exciting and new venue, and in following in the footsteps of other regional associations, creating a new energy for the standard trade show experience.  

In order to plan for 2019, the board and show committee need to hear how you felt about your show experience at this venue.  

Note:  we are aware of the issues with parking at the 1010 Ramp, and this was an unfortunate occurrence. Plans for parking were made in advance with the assurance the ramp could accommodate our event.  Concerns have been communicated to the appropriate individuals.   Please leave those comments out, if possible.  


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Would you like the Fire & Ice Show to return to the US Bank Stadium in 2019?  
UMAPP hosts the Holiday Showcase & End Buyer Expo in August, where distributors can bring their customers to talk to exhibitors.   

There has been consideration given to having the Fire & Ice Show become an end-user event.    

Please select all options that apply to you.  

Yes, I would like the Fire & Ice Show to be an end-user event.
No, keep the Fire & Ice Show for distributors only.
Maybe I would support the Fire & Ice Show being an end-user event.
I would support only one end-user show a year, and would prefer that to be the Holiday Showcase
I would rather have the Fire & Ice Show be the end-user show.
I could support two end-buyer shows (The Holiday Showcase and the Fire & Ice Show).
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The Fire & Ice Show is UMAPP's main event of the year.  The goal is to make this show a valuable experience for our members.  Preferences seem to be changing over the years about what makes a show valuable.  Please choose all options that apply to your preferences below.  

Have the Fire & Ice Show at exciting venues where there is more to do than just the show, and it creates an experience.
I would be interested in having the show at a casino.
I would like to see the show move to a ballroom-style event (either 10' x 10' booths or table top)
The show needs to be in more of a quick in- and out-style format. I have limited time and would be more likely to attend if it took up less time in the day.
Free parking is important.
The venue and style doesn't matter; I will always attend the Fire & Ice Show.

Keep in mind that the Twin Cities Metro Area, where the majority of UMAPP's members are located, has limited options for a show the size of the Fire & Ice Show.    We've tried most of the venues, so an option would be to change the format and style of the show.  Please click all that would be of interest to you below.    

I feel it's important to keep the 10' x 10' booth format.
I would like the show to move to a table-top format.
I wouldn't change anything! I love the format and the larger venues.
I would be more likely to attend if this show was in the ballroom of a hotel or conference center.