Morton History Survey
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Morton History Project - Participant Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Morton Chamber of Commerce's Morton History project funded by the Morton Community Foundation and supported by the Morton Library. 

You will find a release form and a list of questions below.  These questions were developed to capture stories about the people and places of Morton. 

Purpose of Project:
  • To capture stories about the people and places in Morton's history. 
  • To identify the location of local landmarks.

Outcomes of Project:
  • Digital files of oral and written histories to be shared on the Morton Library website.
  • Stories about community landmarks, that will be incorporated and shared in various spin-off publications.
  • A Historical Walking Map to be shared with the public and published digitally.
Additional Instructions:

To submit a narrative, you will be asked to provide your contact information and give the required consent for use in the project.  

You are then encouraged to read through the questions and answer any that apply to or are of interest you.  Please don't be overwhelmed by the number of questions here.  You are not required to answer them all.  They are intended to invoke memories and spur thinking.  We ask that you try to answer at least 10 questions for inclusion in the project.

Please also keep in mind that 20 written narratives will be published on the Morton History website.  The remaining submissions will be archived and available at the Morton Library.  Further details are articulated in the consent below.

Each question provides space for 1,000 character answers.  If you would like to provide longer answers, we encourage you to download the print version of the questions available on and submit your answers via e-mail or postal mail.  Instructions and contact information will be included with the download.

Morton History stories will be collected through November 2018 and published on the Library site by the end of 2018.

Morton History Project Consent:

I agree to participate in the Morton History Project (hereinafter "MHP") of the Morton Chamber of Commerce, the Morton Community Foundation and the Morton Public Library. I understand that the purpose of the MHP is to collect written-, audio-, and video-recorded oral histories of Morton's people and places, as well as selected related documentary materials such as photographs and manuscripts, for inclusion in the Morton Library's digital collection. These oral histories and related materials serve as a record of Morton History and as a scholarly and educational resource for the Library and general public. I understand that the Morton Library plans to retain the product of my participation in the MHP, including but not limited to my interview, presentation, video, photographs, statements, name, images or likeness, voice, and written materials ("My Collection") as part of its permanent collections. I hereby grant to the Morton Library and Morton Chamber of Commerce ownership of the physical property comprising My Collection.  
Morton History Project Consent (cont.):
Additionally, I hereby grant the Morton Chamber and Morton Library, at no cost, the perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, worldwide right to use, reproduce, transmit, display, perform, prepare derivative works from, distribute, and authorize the redistribution of the materials in My Collection in any medium. By giving this permission, I understand that I retain any copyright and related rights that I may hold. I hereby release the Morton Library and Morton Chamber of Commerce, and its assignees and designees, from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of My Collection, including but not limited to any claims for copyright infringement, defamation, invasion of privacy, or right of publicity. Should any part of My Collection be found to include materials that the Morton Library and Morton Chamber of Commerce deems inappropriate for retention with the collection or for transfer to other collections in the Library, the Library may dispose of such materials in accordance with its procedures for disposition of materials not needed for the Library's collections. 
Required 1.
I accept and agree to the terms above.  I understand that my name will be included with my narrative but that my contact information will be kept for internal, record keeping purposes only.  It will not be shared with the public. 

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What year were you born?  


50 characters left.
Required 3.

Where were you born?  City/State/Country and hospital.


50 characters left.

Tell us a little bit about your family.  How many generations of your family have lived in Morton?


1000 characters left.

What is your ethnic background?  From what countries did your family originate?


1000 characters left.

How did your family find/come to Morton?  What brought them here?


1000 characters left.

How long have you lived in Morton?  Did you ever leave?  For what reason?  


1000 characters left.

If you did leave, what brought you back to Morton?


1000 characters left.

What is your earliest memory of the Village?


1000 characters left.

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?


1000 characters left.

How has the Village changed over the years? 


1000 characters left.

Describe what was it like when you grew up here/first moved here?


1000 characters left.

What do you miss about the way it used to be?


1000 characters left.

Who are some of the local town "characters" or legends from the community?  What do you remember about them?  What were they known for?


1000 characters left.

What are some of the great stories or legends about our town?


1000 characters left.

What were your favorite things to do as a kid?


1000 characters left.

What stores did you frequent that are no longer here?  What were they like?  What did they sell?  Where were they located?  What did you like to purchase there?


1000 characters left.

What other memorable aspects of the community are no longer here?


1000 characters left.

Where was the public library?  What would you do there?  What services did it provide Morton residents?


1000 characters left.

What grocery store did you patronize?  Drugstore? Hardware store? Barber shop? Beauty shop? Clothing store?  How did you travel to these places?


1000 characters left.

 Did you have a car?  What kind was it?  Who repaired it?  Where was the gas station?  Cost of gas?  Where did you go when you went out for a drive?  


1000 characters left.

Did your mom and dad work?  Who worked?  Where did they work?


1000 characters left.

Where did you go to see a movie?  A Play?  A Concert?


1000 characters left.

Were there community music or theater groups?  What did a ticket cost?  What shows do you remember seeing?


1000 characters left.

Who were your favorite local performers?  What was their act?  Where were they from?


1000 characters left.

 Where were the favorite spots to gather?  Was there a neighborhood bar or restaurant?  Was it a place for gossip or political discussion?  Was it a trouble spot?  Who did you typically see there?  Men?  Women?  Mixed?


1000 characters left.

What were the troubled spots in town?  What places had a reputation and why?


1000 characters left.

What did you typically do on a Saturday Night?  How about a Sunday afternoon?


1000 characters left.

What were the most popular local sports?  


1000 characters left.

Did you follow any professional teams?  Which ones?


1000 characters left.
Where did you go on vacation with your family?

1000 characters left.

How did you celebrate the holidays?


1000 characters left.

How did the community celebrate Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day?


1000 characters left.

What newspapers did you read?


1000 characters left.

How did you learn about national news?  Did you rely on the radio or some other source?


1000 characters left.

What was the first national or world news event you remember hearing about?  How did you hear about it?


1000 characters left.

What was the best source of news during World War II?


1000 characters left.

 What were your favorite radio programs?


1000 characters left.

When did you get a television set?  And from where did you get it?


1000 characters left.

What was the first news event you remember seeing on the television?


1000 characters left.

Did you serve in the Military?  Which Branch?  For how long?


1000 characters left.

Did you serve in any Military Conflicts?  Where?  What was your title and rank?


1000 characters left.

Anything else to add?  Anything you'd like others to remember?


1000 characters left.