May 2018 STEMI Quiz
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Required 1.

In what leads should the provider look for the Acute Inferior STEMI?

A. I, avL
B. I, avF, avR
C. II, III, avF
D. V1, V2, V3

In what leads might the provider expect to possibly see ST changes of reciprocity in the Acute Inferior STEMI?

A. I, avL, V1 - V6
B. V2, V3, V3 only
C. II, III, avF
D. None of the above
Required 3.
The Acute Inferior MI may also be associated with...
A. Anterior MI
B. Posterior MI
C. Right Ventricular MI
D. B & C only
Required 4.
To more firmly make the diagnosis of the Acute ST Elevation MI, the provider should note on the ECG:
A. ST elevation (concave down) in associated leads
B. ST depressions in reciprocal leads
C. Absence of LVH and LBBB
D. Absence of LAFB and RBBB
E. A, B, D only.
F. A, B, C only.