NWHPS - Your thoughts on our annual Homes Tour
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How often have you attended the annual New Westminster's Heritage Homes Tour?  
I attended.my first New Westminster Homes Tour in 2018.
I am a regular Homes Tour attendee. I attend nearly every year.
I've attended off and on over the years.
I've never attended the New Westminster Heritage Homes Tour
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Reflecting on Past Tours:  What is important to you?
 Not Important Of Minor Importance Somewhat Important Important Very important 
The number and variety of houses on the Tour.
Having a full day for the Homes Tour.
The detailed descriptions of each home in the Tour booklet.
Re-visiting heritage homes featured on previous Homes Tours.
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Required 3.

Making Changes: What changes would you like to see? You can click on more than one answer. 

Offer fewer non-residential heritage buildings on each Tour.
Don't include homes that have been on past Homes Tours.
No need for a program - I just need a sheet with the map, address and a picture of the house.
More advance notice or publicity about Homes Tour so I can plan for it.
Change the date to a different time of year.
Feature homes that are 70+ years old only.
Continue to include newer heritage homes like 1950s mid-century moderns.
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Thinking Ahead: How can we add value to future Heritage Homes Tours for you? We're thought of these opportunities and potential partnerships. Please rate your answers. Feel free to add additional suggestions.  

 No value Minimal value Somewhat valuable Valuable Very valuable 
Guided Tours of 1-2 particularly interesting homes on Tour Day. Advance sign-up would be required as group size would be limited.
Food trucks
Wine tasting
Craft beer tasting
A licensed wine and beer garden on the Tour route
Vintage Car display
Live entertainment
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Required 5.

Would you like the Homes Tour to include a food & refreshment venue? Please select one answer only.   

Yes - please note, this option would likely add $10-15 to the ticket price.
No - I just want to take the Homes Tour.
No, but...it would be helpful it the Heritage Society provided a list of local restaurants that are open during the Homes Tour.
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Required 6.

How do you prefer to purchase your Homes Tour tickets? 

Online at newwestheritage.org.
In-store at these New Westminster locations: Royal City Colours, Anvil Centre, Champagne Taste and, in Burnaby, GardenWorks at Mandeville.
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Required 7.
Where do you live?
New Westminster
Tri-Cities (Coquitam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam)
Required 8.
How do you hear about the annual Heritage Homes Tour event? (You can choose more than one option.)
In the media (newspaper, radio, TV, posters around town)
NWHPS's website (newwestheritage.org)
NWHPS's email newsletter
I am a Homes Tour homeowner, volunteer and/or member of the Society
I hear about the Homes Tour through a friend
On the Internet - Facebook, Twitter
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Final thoughts:

OPTIONAL: We welcome any additional comments and suggestions that will help us improve our Homes Tour and other events for future years.   



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