Get Ready 4 Kindergarten Readiness Survey
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Take this quick quiz to find out if your child is ready for kindergarten!

Think about your preschooler in each situation below and check the answer that best matches your child at this point in time.
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My child is interested in books and handles them appropriately by holding them right side up, turning pages carefully, moving front to back, and following print left to right:

Not yet; a book does not hold his/her attention
Interested in being read to, but not in handling the book correctly
Follows along when read to; holds book correctly
Follows a story, turning pages for the reader; asks to be read to
Loves books, requests reading time; follows words left to right when read to
Required 3.

My child sorts objects into groups by color, shape, and size:

Not yet
When asked, hands you the described object
With help, sorts a group of objects by color, shape, and size
Sorts a group of objects by color, shape, and size, independently
Sorts a group of objects by color, shape, and size; explains thinking
Required 4.

My child dresses and cares for self (zips, buttons, dresses quickly, brushes own teeth and hair, toilets independently, washes face and hands, feeds self with fork or spoon):

Not yet
Attempts only with an adult actively helping
Only with adult direction and support, some adult help
With adult direction, requests help if needed
With adult direction, no actual help
Required 5.

My child builds 3-dimensional block structures, completes 10-15 piece puzzles, takes things apart and puts them back together (includes undressing and redressing dolls), uses computer keyboard, cuts with scissors, strings beads, colors with different color crayons.

Not yet
Attempts only with a trusted adult actively helping
Attempts all independently, but needs adult help to be successful
Will attempt all, successful with more than half, adult helps only when asked
Successful independently, will attempt in a small group of children
Required 6.

My child self-monitors behavior, solves problems without aggression, initiates play with other children for up to 30 minutes:

Not yet
Only with a trusted adult actively involved
With 1 other child who is a family member or close friend, adult supervision
With 1 other child, not a family member or close friend, adult supervision
With a small group of children, adult supervision

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