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Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 2018 Diver Survey
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Please share your experiences or thoughts regarding SCUBA diving within Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Some of the questions are duplicated from the last survey in an effort to measure change. Other questions are designed to gain input from the dive community on topics that have been raised by the Sanctuary Staff and Advisory Council Members. Thank you for your help. Brian and Keith 


In your opinion has the level of communication and presence of Marine Sanctuary representation increasing or decreasing? 

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Monterey Bay Sea Otters Meeting

Do you attend dive shop meetings, dive club meetings, or local dive shows? If so please explain in the free text area. 

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 In your opinion does the presence of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary have an overall positive or negative effect of the underwater environment?

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Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following aspects of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

 Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied 
Public Education
Community Outreach
Conservation Efforts
Managing natural resources in conjunction human interaction
Is responsive to public comments
Easy to communicate with
Responds to environmental needs
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Required 5.

 Purple urchins (Stronglyocentrotus pupuratus) transformed many Monterey and Carmel kelp forests into urchin barrens. Beginning in 2014 observed populations of purple urchins have increased significantly and giant kelp densities have decreased significantly. Openly grazing purple urchins can live for more than a year without eating, can eat from the water, and recruit urchin larvae to the hard substrate. Urchin barrens are considered a decadal alternative stable state, meaning they could last for more than 10-years. (These statements remain undisputed). There are ongoing efforts in Southern California and Northern California to clear some of the impacted areas. This effort is not meant to change the issue but to mitigate small areas in an effort to retain some of the displaced marine species normally found in our local kelp forests until more science leads the Marine Life Professionals to clearer answers. This survey question is asking for your "current" opinion if we should take a specific action at this time in Monterey and Carmel near coastal areas.? 
Yes, I support removal efforts with the proper permits
Maybe, I want additional supporting scientific studies of the problem and advice
No, this is a natural process and we should only observe what happens
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Required 6.
It is very difficult to make habitat changes in an underwater environment. Have no illusions that efforts to remove purple urchins and restore kelp forests in specific areas will be difficult and repetitive to manage urchin densities. To reduce urchin barrens and restore kelp forest in specific areas would you be willing to: 

Clear urchin barrens by culling urchins
Clear urchin barrens, but only removing them and disposing them in landfill or as fertilizer
Participate in underwater monitoring protocols and data collection efforts
Participate in volunteer condition assessment surveys by locating and assessing the conditions of urchin barrens
Help organize removal, monitoring and/or data analysis efforts topside.
Donate money to organizations working on removal efforts
I am not willing to help with removal efforts
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Should Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary consider an artificial reef program within the sanctuary boundaries?

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What topics would you like to see included in future Sanctuary Planning or would like the diver representatives to address with Sanctuary staff?


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What suggestions do you have for the diver representatives (Keith and Brian) to better support or enhance the communication between the diving community and the Sanctuary Staff?  



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Do you own or operate an on-the-water business, if so do you mention the protected waters of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary?  

Yes, If so do you include the Monterey National Marine Sanctuary in your business marketing?
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Required 11.
Please enter your diving profile information
 Yes No Less than 4 5 - 10 More than 10 
Average total dives per year
Shore dives per year
Boat dives per year
Are you employed in the dive industry (Yes or No)
Photographer (Yes or No)
Hunter (Yes or No)
Technicial Deep Diver (Yes or No)
Recreational Sport Diver (Yes or No)
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How did you learn about Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary? Please select all that apply.

Friend or colleague
Email communication
Diving Instrutor
Through another organization
Dive store
Internet search (google, yahoo, etc.)
Social media site (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
Thank you for taking time to fill out the 2018 Diver survey. Your input and comments are appreciated. The views, questions, and comments are those of Keith Rootsaert and Brian Nelson and do not necessarily represent NOAA or MBNMS. Thank you once again thank you for your participation.