Montgomery Countryside Alliance Survey
Montgomery County has undertaken an ambitious goal to achieve zero waste and we at MCA will be serving on the Task Force to help guide the process. There are many moving parts to our waste system that will have to be studied as we gather a baseline and ideas to move us forward. As MCA serves on this task force, your feedback is helpful. The County will likely send out a more in-depth survey in the future. Please answer the following questions. 
Are you answering for a home or a business?
Number of employees/ Number of household members?

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What are the obstacles for getting to zero waste both in your home/business and in the County?

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What does your household/business do now to reduce, reuse and recycle?

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What do you do currently with your food waste? 

Compost on my property
Garbage disposal
Compost elsewhere
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On food composting - please check all that apply:
I compost my food waste on my property currently
I want to compost my food waste on my property
I'd like training in how to compost
Can't/won't compost myself but I'd collect my food scraps for pickup
Nope - not going to collect my food scraps for either personal composting or pickup

Are you happy with the frequency of recycling/trash pick up?

Yes both are fine
Need trash service more often
need recycling service more often
We actually could go longer between pickups of recycling
We actually could go longer between pickups of trash
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How interested are you in the county taking on the following initiatives related to currently non-recyclable materials?
 Not at all interested  Neutral  Very Interested 
Adopt a Zero Waste Goal
Increase frequency of curbside recycling
County partners with a non-profit to have a regular bulky item pick-up curbside 1-2 times per month along with your trash
Build a wood recycling park and reuse warehouse.
Your municipal trash fee based on weight or volume and no charge for recycling
Reduce municipal trash service frequency
County create incubator program for for small recycling businesses and provide a centralized business park (electroncs repair café, used housewares, furniture, appliances, clothes, art supplies, bikes, power tools and small engine equipment)
Moving to ban the use of items that are hard to recycle, examples include styrofoam and plastic bags
Working with manufacturers to have them take back any non-recyclable products
Build a 12 category Resource Recovery Facility for reuse and recycle items.
How interested are you in the county taking the following steps on recyclable/compostable materials?
 Least Support    Most Support 
Begin Curbside Pickup of compostable materials (food scraps and other biodegradable items)
Use existing county property to site large scale composting of collected municipal food scraps
Partnering with local farmers to site composting facilities on farm properties
Bring back a bottle deposit system for glass bottles.
Mandatory recycling of Construction and Demolition debris for building contractors.
Require schools and government offices to follow green procurement and disposal practices
Awards and recognition for businesses and individuals with exemplary recycling and reduction programs.
If the County institutes a County-wide food scrap recycling program, which would you support:

 Least Support    Most Support 
All food scraps trucked to Dickerson Yard Trim Composting facility for composting
Outsource to private company
Have localized food scrap composting sites around the County.
For residual trash that cannot be recycled, would you prefer:

 Least Support    Most Support 
Continue to burn all County trash in Dickerson incinerator
Landfill within the County with regulated gas capture
Receive bids from private EPA-approved landfills outside of the County reachable by rail
What other programs should the county be considering?

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If you'd like to be contacted for more feedback as we hone in on Zero Waste solutions -please enter your email below - and thanks!

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