Trash Hauling/Recycling Survey 2018
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The Hudson Environmental Awareness Committee (EAC) is seeking your input about trash hauling and recycling services in Hudson.  Over two years ago, the City implemented the preferred trash and recycling hauler program.  A preferred hauler program provided competitive rates for residents and allowed an option to choose a trash and recycling hauler.  If you are a Hudson resident, we are seeking feedback on the current program and possible changes in services for the next trash and recycling contract.  It will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Please encourage your Hudson friends and neighbors to take the survey as well. The more feedback we receive, the better we will be able to gauge what the community wants which will help us offer the best possible options to our citizens.

Required 1.

Are you a Hudson resident?

Required 2.
Which company are you using for trash and recycling services?
AA Sanitation
Kimble Recycling and Disposal
Republic Waste Services
Waste Management
Required 3.

Are you satisfied with your current trash hauler?

Not satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Very satisifed

If you answered "not satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" to Question 2 above, please explain.


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Required 5.
Which is most important to you when selecting a trash / recycling service? (select 1 option)
Quality of service
Environmental impact
Required 6.
What is most important to you when selecting a trash / recycling service? Rate in order of importance with 7 being most important and 1 being least important.

(1 = Least Important)
Flexible, tiered service and cost options (i.e., lower cost for households that generate less trash)
Collection of yard waste or compostables
Door-to-door service / Pick-up at garage door
A 96-gallon cart for trash
A recycling cart, rather than bins
Cost for services provided
Collection of bulk Items
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Required 7.

Would you support continuing the preferred-hauler program for trash collection and recycling?


If you are not using the preferred-hauler program, why? 


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Required 9.

Rate from highest (6) to lowest (1) your primary reasons for the City of Hudson to keep the current Preferred Hauler with ability to opt. out trash removal / recycling with the preferred hauler system in place.

(1 = Least)
Ability to choose my own service provider
Ability to request specialized services tailored to my needs
Ability to negotiate for my own services and prices
Ability for City to negotiate a rate to keep lower cost
Business competition increases quality of services and lowers cost
Do not want to keep the preferred hauler program
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Required 10.

Would you support a single-hauler program (one company to service all Hudson residents) trash collection and recycling services?

Need more information to decide
Required 11.

Rate from highest (6) to lowest (1) your primary reasons for the City of Hudson to consider a single hauler trash removal / recycling services. 

(1 = Least)
Ability for City to negotiated a rate to keep cost lower
Fewer trash trucks on City roads, reducing wear and tear on City streets
Fewer truck emissions will improve air quality
Reduce noise pollution
Reduce number of days for trash and recycling pick-up in City
Do not want a single hauler program
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Required 12.

If only given two options, which trash removal / recycling service would you prefer?

Preferred Hauler with opt out
Single Hauler

Do you have additional comments about trash-hauling services in Hudson that are not covered in this survey?  Please provide your comments here.


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What is your gender?
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Which of the following categories describes your age?
18 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 - 64
65 or older
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The following information is not mandatory, but will help us as we evaluate our current and future trash-hauling services.

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May we contact you regarding this survey? (If so, be sure to give us your name, email and/or phone number in the previous question.)