Rosery Road Improvements Questionnaire and Comment Sheet
The City of Largo is in the early stage of preparing for the design of the Rosery Road improvements from the Pinellas Trail to Missouri Avenue. The goals are to provide safe and efficient routes from neighborhoods to local destinations (such as the transit stops and shopping areas at Clearwater-Largo Road and at Missouri Avenue) and accommodating growth by improving mobility for all users, especially pedestrians and bicyclists.

The City's engineering design consultant is currently collecting detailed drainage and other existing infrastructure design information. Design will begin in June 2018 and continue through May 2019. The City will be hosting two public meetings during the design phase and will begin hosting an informational web page before the first public meeting. Construction will begin in the fourth quarter of 2019. Duration of construction is dependent on final design. While that duration cannot be known at present, the construction duration is likely to be in line with similar City projects (approximately 15 months).
This is the first of a series of opportunities for the City to listen to you, incorporate your feedback into the project design, and ensure that the needs of residents and businesses are addressed. The information we are requesting in the online questionnaire below will assist us in identifying any issues you have regarding pavement condition, drainage flooding, traffic issues, pedestrian safety, and other concerns. Please indicate all issues below and describe them and their location.

Please complete the questionnaire below by filling in the appropriate boxes and clicking "Finish" at the end. Should you have any questions please contact Barry D. Westmark, PE with the Engineering Services Department at (727) 587-6713 ext. 4433 or at Please complete the online questionnaire by August 6, 2018.
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Rosery Road
Pinellas Trail to Missouri Avenue
Areas needing improvement (identify any areas below needing improvement and describe)
Stormwater Improvements (flooding, damaged or blocked structures)


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Traffic Improvements (speeding, high volume, turning movements)


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CSX Crossing (condition, noise):


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Pavement and Curbing (potholes, cracks, settling)


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Landscaping (sight issues, maintenance, lack of trees):


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Pedestrian Safety Improvements (crosswalks, ramps, pedestrian crossings)


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Sidewalks and Bicycle Facilities (missing segments, need for bike lanes, safety)


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