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This survey is intended to give the Beloit Snappers staff an idea of what they are doing right, what could be improved on, and what fans would like to see for upcoming seasons. One lucky winner each month will win a Dick's Sporting Goods $20 gift certificate. There will be a grand prize drawn at the end of the season! That winner will receive $100 to Dick's Sporting Goods!
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How many Snappers games at Pohlman Field did you attend in 2017?  


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Where do you get a majority of your information about Snappers Baseball? 

Social Media
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Which one is the most important to you when deciding to attend a Snappers game? 

Promotional event/Giveaway
Game start time
The Opponent
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How would you rate the Snappers' games in the following areas? 

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Food Variety/Cost
Beer Variety/Cost
Merchandise Selection
Merchandise Cost
In-game Entertainment
ess of the Staff
Restroom Cleanliness
General Ballpark Cleanliness
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How likely are you to recommend attending a Snappers game to a friend? 

Not likely
Slightly likely
Very likely
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Any Additional Comments You Would like the Snappers to know about your Experience: 


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