Shishya Member Application
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You are invited to apply for our free Shishya Membership, available to those whose study and relationship with Swami Nirmalananda is one of discipleship.  The purpose of this membership is to provide you with opportunities to spend time with her in dedicated programs and courses (in-person and on the phone).  All the shishyas in these exclusive programs share a similar level of dedication and inner understanding, which enables Swamiji to offer a deeper level of teaching, transmission and support.

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 My complete contact information is:

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I consider myself to be a shishya (disciple) of Swami Nirmalananda.  This means that either 
  (a)  she is my spiritual teacher 
   OR (b) she is one of my significant teachers.  

As a shishya, I do the practices she teaches and I continue to study with her.


 If yes, please complete this item:  I have felt this way about my relationship with Swamiji since (approximate date):


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