What is your vision for the future of New Woodbridge?
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Over $1 billion in public/private investment is revitalizing the Route 1 corridor, with new lanes, landscaped medians, sidewalks, mixed-use trails and removal of blighted buildings, as well as neighborhood improvements such as new classroom space and improvements to parks and historical sites. This progress brings renewed interest from developers, making this the time to discuss the future of Route 1: It could resemble what we have now, or perhaps high-tech office buildings, indoor recreation centers, new schools and other amenities could be interwoven along the corridor. Please take a moment to share what you feel the priorities should be for the future of New Woodbridge. 
The Vision for a New Woodbridge is raising economic opportunity and quality of life for all who live here through Smart Development, Better Transportation and Strong Neighborhoods. Below are some components for achieving this vision. Please rate each based on how highly you believe we should prioritize each as a community. 
 Should Not Prioritize at All Low Priority Neutral/No Opinion Somewhat of a Priority High Priority 
Reducing classroom overcrowding.
Exploring new transit solutions, such as Fast Ferry or Rapid Bus Transit.
Maintaining "safety net" programs, such as Senior Centers and WIC, for our vulnerable neighbors.
Attracting more high-paying jobs to Prince William County.
Maintaining parks and historical sites.
Having a voice in regional discussions that impact Prince William, such as involvement in Potomac Commuter Ferry and Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.
Ensuring that pubic safety professionals have necessary resources and support, to include proper staffing levels.
Upgrading infrastructure in neighborhoods.
Securing funding for road improvements, such as the 123 Interchange.
Boosting the appearance of the community (removing blighted buildings, enforcing existing codes, improvements to public spaces).
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With a renewed interest in businesses and people seeking to locate in New Woodbridge, what type of development would you like to see along a revitalized Route 1? Please check any that apply. 

Mom & pop shops and restaurants.
Affordable housing.
More upscale shopping and dining options, including more national retailers.
High-end apartments or condos.
Sports and recreational complexes, like the Evergreen Sports Complex or even Chinn Center.
Parks and green space.
No additional/new development.
More and upgraded transit stops.
The same mix of development we currently have, but with updated facades and landscaping.
Office buildings, data centers and other high-wage employers.
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Please tell us any other ideas, concerns or questions you may have about the future of our community. 


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