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Please vote for your favorite sculpture. One vote per person.
Portal by Christopher Weed
basics #26 by Matthias Neumann
Starship Canoe by Charlie Brouwer
Coral Stardust by Elizabeth Y. Akamatsu
Tidal Reach by Bobby Donovan
Alight by Yuri Tsuzuki
Earth Embracing The Sky by Ed Miller
Rybee House by Stephen A. Klema
Beach Umbrella by Casey Schachner
Asherah Tree Goddess by David Hostetler
Confluence by David Zahn
Botanical Fainting Couch by Sarah Peters
Humanus by Kevin Eichner
Leaves Blowing in the Wind by Bob Doster
Egretious by Mark Larkin
Water Drop by Hanna Jubran
Jack was Optimistic by Chris Plaisted
Hilton Head to the Moon by William H. Bennett
Cultured Stone by Antoinette Prien Schultze
You are (on) an island by Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming (located at Hilton Head Airport)