CMAB Arts Organization's Needs Assessment
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As one of 11 regional arts councils in the State of Minnesota, the Central MN Arts Board is tasked with building our programs and services based on the needs and feedback of those who are working in the arts in Region 7W.  

Part of how we gather feedback is through needs assessment surveys.  Please feel free to share critical feedback, places where CMAB programs and services are lacking or other aspects of the grant application and review process that are challenging or confusing to you.    

It is our JOB to build programs and services that respond to the needs and challenges of our region and you can help us to do that by being candid with your feedback.  No information shared in this survey will ever be considered in any application review for CMAB programs. 
Required 1.
Select the Minnesota County where the organization resides.
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Select all that apply 

I identify as an arts appreciator
I identify as an artist, musician, singer, actor, dancer, craftsperson or culture-bearer
I work for an organization that does arts programming
I have applied for at least one Central MN Arts Board grant
I was awarded at least one Central MN Arts Board grant
I serve or have served as a director or panelist for the Central MN Arts Board
I have attended an arts event that was partially or fully funded through the Central MN Arts Board
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Required 3.

What kinds of professional development opportunities are you seeking for your organization? Choose all that apply.

Financial Management
Marketing and Outreach
Volunteer Recruitment and Training
Diversity and Racial Equity
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Required 4.

Do you struggle to recruit or retain qualified staff, volunteers, or board members?

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Required 5.

How and where do you recruit and advertise for staff/volunteers/board members?


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Required 6.

 What would be most helpful in supporting your organization with professional development? Choose all that apply.

Attendance and travel stipends for workshops and conferences
Local opportunities for workshops and conferences
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Required 7.

  What does the term Creative Risk mean to you? What does it make you think of?



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Required 8.

How do you learn from and about your community?


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Required 9.

How does your community learn about you? 


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Required 10.

Are there any specific groups your organization is currently not serving but would like to reach?


If yes, please specify. This could include geographic areas, age groups, ethnic groups, populations with differing physical or cognitive abilities, etc.


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Required 12.

Are there additional needs related to your work that you would like us to know?


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Residents of Benton Sherburne, Stearns or Wright who complete the CMAB needs assessment survey are eligible to be entered into a drawing for one of three $75 VISA Card prizes
To enter, provide your name, address and email or phone number.  The drawing will take place at the CMAB Director's meeting on November 8, 2018 at the Foley office. Winners will be contacted and announced in the following newsletter.

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