Service on 2019 Dallas Bar Association Committees
Please note if you are on a 2018 Committee you must still sign up again if you wish to continue to serve on a Committee in 2019. You will not be automatically assigned to any Committees. 
Member Information - REQUIRED
Please provide all information below. 

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Please select up to 3 Committees from among those listed that are of interest to you. Descriptions of these Committees can be viewed by clicking here. ***The President of the DBA may appoint you to more than one Committee. Notification of your appointment(s) will be provided via email at the end of this year.***

Committees that meet monthly:
Continuing Legal Education
Criminal Justice
Golf Tournament
Home Project
Minority Participation
Peer Assistance
Pro Bono Activities
Unauthorized Practice of Law
Committees that meet every other month, quarterly or as needed:
Admissions and Membership
Bar None Production Company
Bench Bar Conference
Community Involvement
Fee Disputes
Juvenile Justice
Law in the Schools and Community
Lawyer Referral Service
Legal Ethics
Memorial and History
Mock Trial
Morris Harrell Professionalism
Pictorial Directory
Public Forum/Media Relations
Senior Lawyers
Summer Law Intern Program

I have been actively participating in Committee work and I would like to be considered for a Vice-Chair or a Chair position.