Gull Point Dance Program Survey 2017-2018 Season
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Name of the dance class your child is participating in. 


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Please select the name of your instructor. 
Anna Sclafani
Cameron Mackey
Joy Gainer
Karol Hindle
Krysta Moody
Lisa Kilgo
Lyndsay Rosenkranz
Sherri Starr
Tracey Hotopp
Jamie Hoyt
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How would you rate the INSTRUCTOR on the following attributes?
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Customer Service
Quality of programs/classes
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How would you rate the GULL POINT STAFF on the following attributes?
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Customer Service
Understanding customer needs
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How long has your family been taking dance classes at Gull Point?

1 year or less
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 or more years
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How many dance classes does your family participate in each week?

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Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Gull Point 2017-2018 Dance Season.  

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How likely are you to continue participating in Gull Point dance classes?
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Do you have any suggestions for improving our services?


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Please provide any additional comments you have about the Gull Point Dance Program. 


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