ACOC Pitch to Win Application Survey
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Thank you for your interest in the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Business & Technology Summit Pitch to Win. Please review the list of criteria below and check off all items that apply. Applicants who do not meet all items outlined in the below criteria will not be contacted to Pitch to Win. 
I am not a full-time student and/or planning to return to school full-time in the next 3 years
I am 18 years of age or older
I am proposing a new company
My company is market ready
I have a completed business plan
My company is not a commission based business or a franchise
I have spent a minimum average of at least 35 hours a week running my business
I am not working full time for another employer
I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Ontario
I have not received another grant through a Provincial program for the same business
My business is operated in Ontario
I am able to demonstrate 25% cash or equivalent commitment to my business
I commit to the monthly mentorship requirements for a minimum of 3 months
Please complete the following application and send additional graphics/diagram/visual aid to help explain your product and/or service solution to by September 15, 2018, to be considered for Pitch to Win. 
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What is your (proposed) revenue model?
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Service Fees
Advertising Sales
Data Access Fees
Licence Fees
What is your competitive advantage?

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What is the challenge that your product or service solves?

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What is the readiness level of your solution?
Ready for Market
Proven sale
What is your average monthly revenue? ($000,000 or $0 if pre-revenue)

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What is the total number of people in the company?

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What is your target market? What is the size of the market for your product and/or service (please include references to any sources and timeframes for the figures)

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Who are your target customers?


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