Cyber-security Event Feedback - Colorado Financial Management Survey
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How did our event at The Ranch meet your expectations?
 Exceeded Expectations Somewhat Above Expectations Met Expectations Somewhat Below Expectations Well Below Expectations 
Was our timeline of events accommodating to your schedule?
Was the location convenient for you to access?
Were you able to locate the Clubhouse directions & facility easily?
Were the venue amenities appropriate for our cocktail reception?
Did you enjoy the hors d'oeuvres selection and beverage offerings?
Did you feel the program was an appropriate length?
Was the Cyber-security topic presented well?
How did you feel about our guest speaker, Gary Rossi?
Do you feel more confident in protecting your personal Cyber-security?
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Required 2.
If we opened up events like this to our clients and their guests, how likely are you to consider bringing additional guests next time?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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Required 3.
Would you attend another event hosted at The Ranch Country Club?
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Required 4.
Which days do you prefer to attend an event? Select all that apply.
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Required 5.
Which is the most convenient time to attend an event? Select all that apply.
Weekday Morning
Weekday Afternoon
Weekday Evening
No preference
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Required 6.
How far are you willing to travel?
up to 10 miles
11-15 miles
16-20 miles
21-30 miles
31 miles or more
Not willing to travel
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Are there other speakers or topics of interest that you would like to see covered if we are able to acquire an industry expert to present?

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Do you have any additional comments for us?


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