Brewster Day Camp 2018 Season Survey

We really do want to hear from you!  


This is a short online survey, so please take a few moments to share your thoughts about your experience at BDC this summer.  


Your honest and specific feedback will help shape and improve BDC for summers to come... 


THANK YOU in advance, for helping BDC be the best that we can be!

How many summers have you been with us at BDC?    
This was our FIRST summer.
We returned for our SECOND summer.
3-5 summers
6+ Summers

How did you first hear about us?  

Print Ad (Kids Cape, Rack Cards, Pride Pages, Playbill, Resort Maps, Best of Brewster etc.)
Facebook Page
Online Search (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.)
Sign On 6A/ Drove By
Family/Friend Referral
Staff Referral
ACA Find-A-Camp Search Tool
Other Online Camp Directories/Listings
Local Hotel/Real Estate/Rental Agency Referral
Auction Item or Purchased Gift Certificate
Local School Principal or Guidance Office

Which best describes you? 

Grandparent/Other Relative
BDC Staff
Friend of BDC (alumni / past staff etc.)

How did you and your family participate in BDC this year? 
Please select all that apply.

Young Children's Program
Mariners Hill
Sailors Hill
Admirals Hill
Camper Leader Program
BDC or TFS Staff
Alumni (camper or staff)
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How much time did you spend with us this summer?

Single Weekly Session
Multiple Weeks (2-7)
Entire Summer Season
Year Round TFS/SBS Student
Just A Quick Visit (single trial day of camp)

Which weekly schedule best describes your time at BDC this summer? 

Full-Weeks (M-F on Mariners, Sailors, Admirals Hills)
3 Days MWF (Young Children's Program or Camper Leader)
3 Days TWTh (Young Children's Program or Camper Leader)
2 Days T/Th (Young Children's Program or Camper Leader)
Custom Schedule / Drop-in Days (Young Children's Program or Camper Leader)
All Summer (39 days)

How well did BDC meet your expectations this summer?

Fully Met
Somewhat Met
Fell Short
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Please rate your response for each of the following:

 Below Average Satisfactory Very Good Outstanding!  
What was your overall impression of BDC this summer?  
What was your level of comfort and safety sending your child to BDC?  
How available was your first choice schedule?  
How welcoming, courteous, and helpful was our staff to your family?  
How was your initial enrollment and adding time/activities throughout the summer?  
How helpful was our weekly newsletter, eWaves?  
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What was your or your child/ren's fondest memory of BDC this summer?


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What, if any, changes would you suggest for improving your BDC experience or camp in general?


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Please tell us what we do well!


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Regretfully, some families did not get their first choice schedule for this summer because certain groups and activities filled up...Please tell us what we could do to help facilitate your family's registration, in the winter, when the most space still exists.

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Are you aware of BDC's Early Bird Re-Registration that occurs each fall (pre-paid in full to guarantee your first choice of schedule, lowest pricing, and deepest discounts)?
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Do you plan on taking advantage of the Early Bird for next summer (bearing in mind that schedule changes and refunds are still available through May 1st)? If No, please tell us why.
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Did your child participate in any EXTRA lessons or trips this summer? Please provide us with feedback, why or why not, and any suggestions for next summer, regarding EXTRAs. 

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I give BDC permission to quote any of my responses anonymously, as a testimonial on our website and other marketing materials.


I would like to be contacted by the Winter Office regarding my family's experience at BDC this summer. If yes, please indicate your name and the best way we can be in touch (phone, email, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, etc.)

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Thank you for your time and attention to this survey.  


We look forward to having your family join us next summer!


Until then, we are wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy school year full of BDC: COURAGE, HOPE, GOOD SPIRIT & PEACE!