Cittaslow Sebastopol Pedestrian Safety Survey
Lend us your insights and creativity!
Pedestrian safety is built upon 3 E's

- Engineering (sidewalks, streets, big infrastructure)

- Education of drivers, and of pedestrians

- Enforcement of existing laws

Help us prioritize the options and generate ideas to create a more walk-friendly Sebastopol.

Survey closed October 31, 2018.
The survey is closed in terms of the drawing, but you are welcome to give us your feedback about Pedestrian Safety.
Share your priorities about engineering projects:
Environmental cues do a lot to shape driver behavior. From narrower lanes and two way streets to stop signs, stop lights and crosswalks.
Here are recent and planned improvements by the City of Sebastopol:

- Bodega and High St. Repaired flashing crosswalk at the Library corner with button activated lights and special crosswalk texturing and color, along with repaving. Work completed in 2017. Cost: $194,490.

- Bodega and Ragle Rd. Installation of flashing crosswalk warning system at Bodega and Ragle Road. Under construction. Cost: $141,300.

- Bodega and Nelson. Installation of a HAWK (High-intensity Activated crossWalK) warning system at the intersection that includes the entrance to the Experiment Farm and Burbank Heights and Orchards. Pedestrians can activate the light so traffic on Bodega gets a red light to assure safe crossing. Under construction. Cost: $245,143.

- Ragle Rd improvements. Writing a grant proposal with the County to improve pedestrian and bike passage on Ragle Rd.

Engineering projects cost a lot of money. They are very effective AND we can't do everything at once. They each have different timeframes and costs. Given that we have to make choices, which one of these projects is most important to you?
Complete sidewalks where there are gaps.
Revise existing stoplights to ensure adequate time for crossing the intersection.
Explore with CalTrans the options to convert Main St., Petaluma Ave. and McKinley St. to two way streets.
Explore Highway 12 bypass options with CalTrans, the County and the City of Santa Rosa
Explore Highway 116 bypass options with CalTrans and the County.
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Share your ideas about education initiatives
Driver education:
Please share your thoughts and ideas about ways to make drivers more aware of pedestrians. Help us come up with a driver-oriented campaign:

Please describe your idea and how DRIVERS would be exposed to it. For instance, is it a sign? A radio ad? A bumper sticker? Does it have a photo? A mascot? ...


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Which of these DRIVER behaviors does your idea address?
Failure to yield to pedestrians
Distracted driving (texting, talking on the phone, eating, doing makeup, dog in the lap)
Running red lights
Passing a stopped vehicle
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We'd like your help generating good taglines for getting the attention of drivers.

Below are some that have been used in other cities.
Which of these appeal for DRIVER education?
(and absolutely feel free to suggest a few of your own!):

"We brake for humans"
"Stopping is part of driving"
"Watch for Me"
"Stop for pedestrians. Think of the impact you could make"
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Pedestrian education:
The other half of pedestrian safety is the responsibility of the person on foot to make wise choices about when, where and how to cross. Help us come up with a pedestrian-oriented campaign:
Please describe your idea and how PEDESTRIANS would be exposed to it. For instance, is it a sign? Where is it posted? Is something stenciled on the sidewalk? Is it a radio ad? On a website? Social media?

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Which of these PEDESTRIAN behaviors does your idea address?
Distracted walking (texting; talking on phone; carrying too many packages, managing several kids, a dog or lots of packages)
Failure to use the tools available (e.g., push the button for pedestrian crossing)
Stepping into the road without looking at on-coming traffic
Over reliance on the flashing light crosswalks (assuming traffic will stop)
Disobeying the signals (e.g., crossing when the red hand is up)
Crossing in unmarked, unsafe locations (e.g.., mid-block)
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Any thoughts about a good tagline for getting the attention of walkers?

Below are some that have been used in other cities. 
Which of these appeal for PEDESTRIAN education?
(and absolutely feel free to suggest a few of your own!):

"Smart phone. Dumb choice"
"No texting while crossing" (phone with the interdit-circle/slash-
-over it)
"Walk Safe Sebastopol"
"See and be seen. It's no accident."
"Walk wise"
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Share your ideas about enforcement:
Did you know:
- In the last 5 years 2722 speeding tickets have been given out by the Sebastopol Police Department?
- The Sebastopol Police Department does not have a full-time dedicated traffic officer, although there are two motorcycle officers on patrol.  The motorcycle officers focus on traffic issues when they are not handling crimes in progress or other patrol duties.
The Sebastopol Police Department has 5 radar signs advising people of their speed and whether they are over the speed limit. These types of signs have been shown to successfully improve compliance for the next 5 miles of travel.
See a problem with traffic?
- Call the new Traffic Hot Line: (707) 829-4400
- Email at
- Ask for the Slow Down Kitty in your neighborhood
- Ask for the Speed Spy to document speeding in your neighborhood.

What is the best way to publicize this new hot line?

How do you think we can get the word out most effectively?


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Look for up-coming "crosswalk stings"
Often the role of law enforcement is to remind or assist people in following and understanding the law.

Keep your eyes open for up-coming "crosswalk stings". Pedestrians crossing may be out-of-uniform police. More than writing tickets, the goal of these stings is to educate drivers and increase awareness about pedestrian right of way issues.
Get answers to your traffic law questions: "Ask a Traffic Cop" Blog
Perhaps there are laws or signs you are not sure of (e.g., "What does it mean when there's a bike icon painted in the middle of the pavement?" "How long do you need to wait for the pedestrian to pass by in a crosswalk before you can proceed across?")
The Sebastopol Police Department is not able to provide answers about specific incidents, but they would like to post a blog clearing up general confusions about the traffic laws.
If we were to have an "Ask A Traffic Cop?" blog, what are some questions you would like to have answered?

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