Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations Library Survey
SCHOOL libraries in Québec continue to change. Staffing hours have been reduced, staff positions eliminated and library spaces renovated. How many of these changes are the result of digital learning, budget cuts and the need for classroom space? The QFHSA's Literacy Committee is looking for your help to get the scoop. If you can't answer all the questions please forward this to your volunteer library coordinator and/or your school librarian/technician. More than one survey may be submitted. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
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1)    How many days per week is the school library open. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days?

1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
2)    What factors influence the hours the library is open?  (check all that apply)

Budget/school board staffing?
Lack of volunteers?
Lack of interest by the teachers?
Subject timetables/school schedules?
3)    Who "manages" the school library?

Library Technician
Community Volunteer
Teacher on staff
Parent Coordinator
4)     How often is the "manager" on site?

              4.1     Hours per day


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How often is the "manager" on site?

           4.2   Days per week


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5)    What are the duties of the librarian "manager" and volunteers? 

                     5.1    For Librarian "manager", check all that apply.

Book purchasing
Book processing ie covering
Student supervision ( lunch, etc)
Trains volunteers
Finds books for staff
Reads to students
                   5.2   What are the duties of the volunteers? For volunteers, check all that apply.

book purchasing
book processing ie covering
student supervision( lunch, etc)
training volunteers
finds books for staff
reads to students
6)    Over the past five (5) years the hours for the librarian/library technician have been increased, decreased or position was eliminated?

From what to what (in hours)?:

Position eliminated
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7)    Were the hours increased or decreased due to (check all that apply):

Fluctuation in number of students
More/Fewer Volunteers
Lack of qualified personnel
Changes is school program/mission
8)    How many people volunteer in the library on a regular basis?

9)    Has the physical size of the library increased/decreased in the past few years? Has the configuration changed? Why?


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