Origins' Community Covenant
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A covenant is defined as an agreement between parties, sustained by relationship. Although all are welcome to attend Origins' gatherings, active voting membership is only open to those who demonstrate a desire to join in our covenant community by agreeing to the Community Covenant.

Please review the statements in our Community Covenant below and indicate whether or not you are in agreement with these statements and desire to be considered as an active member in Origins Community.

As an active member in Origins Community I agree:
  • That I have committed my life to following the teachings of Jesus, and have been or intend to be baptized and give testimony of my identification with the Body of Christ.
  • To maintain a close relationship with the Lord through regular personal Bible study, prayer, giving, the practice of other spiritual disciplines and faithful participation in Origins' community life.
  • That God has called me to be interested in the people right in front of me, inspired to explore others' needs and engaged in serving my community. 
  • To uphold Origins Community as an organization and its desire to be a decentralized community of faith established through autonomous individual efforts.
  • To demonstrate commitment to Origins Community by promoting and participating in community life - its gatherings, prayer and giving opportunities.

Yes, I'm in agreement with the statements above and desire to be considered as an active member in Origins Community.
No, I do not want to be an active member in Origins Community at this time.