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Please submit your pledge form by Wednesday, October 31st.
This form allows you to submit your pledge online, however, payments must be delivered to the school office in the form of check, EFT/cash, or stock gifts (double the tax benefit!)  Unfortunately we do not accept credit card payment.

            "Trinity has promoted in our children a love for learning 
     and has helped foster strong friendships."     ~ The Alataris Family               

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Annual Fund Pledge 

Your pledge to the Annual Fund will help us achieve our goal of 100% participation from trustees, families, and staff. Your pledge helps bring our community together, teaches our children philanthropy, AND provides you with a charitable donation tax benefit. Last, but not least, it continues strengthening our school and supports our operating budget.

$3,400 (for one Trinity student)
$6,800 (for two Trinity students)
$10,200 (for three Trinity students)


Faculty Venture Grant Pledge

Your pledge to the Faculty Venture Grant supports ongoing curriculum research and professional development, making a tangible impact in the classroom AND with every Trinity student. Our goal is to reach $40,000 this year. 


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Note: Our development office will contact you with instructions for stock gifts and/or electronic funds transfers. 

I will pay by cash or check.
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I will fulfill my pledge by October 31, 2018
I will fulfill my pledge by December 15, 2018
I will fulfill my pledge by January 31, 2019
I will fulfill my pledge in multiple payments (specify dates in "comment")
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Trinity School is a non-profit organization. No goods or services will be exchanged in consideration of these gifts. Donations to Trinity School are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Contributions to the Annual Fund are unrestricted and will be used by Trinity School for the purposes of supporting the operations of the School. Contributions to the Faculty Venture Grant are temporarily restricted and will be used by Trinity School for the purposes of supporting faculty professional development.

                                             Thank you for your participation and gift!