Ladies Golf Performance Program Survey

We are considering ADDING 2 weekly Ladies Golf Performance classes and creating a Ladies Golf Membership* how likely would you be to join? Classes offered 6 days/week with a total of 9 weekly classes. Schedule:

CoEd Golf Fitness Classes - Saturday 7am, Thursday 6am

Ladies only Golf Classes - Days/Times based on survey results

Flexibility for Golf Classes - Sunday 12:00, Monday 8:15am

Yoga - Sunday 9:45, Tues 7pm, Wed 7:15am

*Membership includes:

1. As many or as few of the classes as you can attend each week

2.  A personal training session with a Titleist Certified trainer   

3.  Titleist Body/Swing connection screen at the start of the program AND every 12 weeks during it.  

4. Online exercise program customized to your screen results. Designed to increase distance/decrease injury.

Program runs 11/1-3/31 and will be around $219/month. Month to month, no long commitment.

I'm pretty sure I would join the program
Not interested
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Please rank the reasons you would attend.

(1 = Most important reason I would attend)
Improve distance
Decrease injury risk with golf
Improve overall fitness
Improve flexibility/mobility
To workout with other golfers in the offseason
To learn more about the connection between the body and golf swing
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We want to add 2 Ladies Only Golf Performance classes to our weekly schedule (see question 1 for the other 7 classes that the membership would include).  Please rank the best option as #1 and #5 your least favorite. In the comments section, please let us know if some of these times absolutely do not work, etc.

(1 = The best option for me)
Weekdays 9:30
Weekdays 11:00
Weekdays 12:00
Weekdays 4:00
Weekdays 5:00
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Or, we could add Ladies Golf on Sunday at 11:00 - this is right after our 9:45 yoga class and before our 12:00 Flexibility for golf class.  How do you feel about Sunday at 11:00?

I prefer 2 weekday options over a Sunday
I prefer 1 weekday and the Sunday option
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Above you specified your preferred times of day, are there certain days of the week you would not be able to attend those preferred times? Example: I chose 11:00 and 12:00 as my preferred times but I could never attend that time on Wednesdays.....

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We are hosting a Golf Performance Program info session on Thursday 9/27 at 7pm and would love for you to come.  Great info, prize drawings and "golf cart approved" beverages. 

ALL are welcome, please spread the word.  Can you attend?

YES, add me to the reservation list!
I will join you if I'm not golfing;)
Sorry, I will be drinking "golf cart approved" beverages elsewhere:)
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If you know of other golfers who might be interested, please forward them this email and ask them to contact us, or leave their name and email below and we will send them the survey.


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Please leave your name, email address and any other input you would like to share.  Feel free to expand on your fitness goals if you like.

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