Knowing Power Program

OraSure Technologies is collaborating with The AIDS Institute on an initiative designed to enable and empower new programs to bring testing to the previously untested.

For every OraQuick® HIV or OraQuick HCV test purchased between July 24 and World AIDS Day (Dec 1, 2018), OraSure Technologies will allocate funds to establish a bank of OraQuick test devices to be donated for use in new pilot studies and unfunded outreach programs.
Who would be eligible for the program?
This program is designed to enable new pilot studies and outreach programs that do not have funding. We believe there are so many great ideas out there and understand that budgets are tight. The program is intended to support innovative programs aimed to test the untested.
Would there be a limit to the number of devices any one program could request?
In order to ensure we can support as many programs as possible, the limit per initiative would be 2,500 test devices.

If you would like to sign-up to receive information on how to apply, please complete the contact form on the next page.