Call for Graphene Application Partners
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Is your organization interested in working with a qualified partner on the development of a commercial product or application that uses graphene?

Are you looking for a reliable source of high quality graphene material? 

If yes, please use the short form below to request more information. 

Please note that The Graphene Council is a neutral body and does not endorse any particular company or supplier. We provide expert information and advisory services to help match interested commercial partners with graphene producers and suppliers. 

You have the option of keeping your company's identity confidential from third parties, in which case it will only be used internally by The Graphene Council
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Please indicate the primary intended uses or applications;

Additive Manufacture (3D Printing)
Barrier Properties (Films and Coatings)
Concrete and Cement
Conductive Ink
Corrosion Resistance
Energy Generation
Energy Storage (Batteries / Super Capacitors)
Hall Effect Sensors
Medical Applications
Nanoelectromechanical Systems NEMS
Optical Modulator
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Cont'd - Please indicate the primary intended uses or applications that you are interested in.   NOTE: Please add any major uses not listed.  

Piezoelectric Effect
Plasmonics and Metamaterials
Plastics & Polymers
Pressure Sensors
Quantum Dots
Rubber and Synthetics
Sound Transducers
Structural Material
Thermal Management
Touch Screens
Transparent Conducting Electrodes
Water Filtration
Waterproof Coating
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OPTIONAL: If you know which forms of graphene are of the most importance or interest to you, please mark EACH that applies. (Otherwise leave blank.)

Single layer graphene (on substrate)
Single layer graphene (other than on substrate)
Very Few Layer Graphene (VFL) 1-3 carbon layers
Few Layer Graphene (FL) 3-10 carbon layers
Graphite (11 or more carbon layers)
Graphene Nanoplatelets
Functionalized Graphene
Graphene Oxide - GO
Reduced Graphene Oxide - rGO
Graphene in a Suspension
Graphene in Powder Form
Graphene in a Polymer
Graphene in a Plastic Matrix
Graphene in a 3D Printing Filament
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OPTIONAL: Please rate the level of importance to you for each of the following characteristics for graphene material. (If you are not certain, please leave blank.)
 Essential Important Interesting Not Needed  
Number of Layers  
Stacking Angle  
Flake Size  
Domain (Grain) Size  
Surface Area  
Purity - Crystal Defect  
Purity - Non-Graphene Contents and Residue  
Purity - Oxygen Content  
Purity - Metal Content  
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Cont'd - OPTIONAL: Please rate the level of importance to you for each of the following characteristics for graphene material.  (If you are not certain, please leave blank.)
 Essential Important Interesting Not Needed  
Dispersion - Stability  
Mechanical Property - Modulus  
Mechanical Property - Ductility  
Chemical Property - Corrosion Resistance  
Thermal Property - Conductivity  
Optical Property - Transmittance  
Electrical Property - Conductivity  
Electrical Property - Mobility  
Electrical Property - Work Function  
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Additional Instructions - Please describe any additional information or instructions about your intended application(s) that would help to identify the type of material or partner needed. The more detail you provide, the better we will be able to match your requirements. 


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