September Chronicles Poll Question = Hiring Process - Generic or Outstanding?
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Hello! Your point of view is valuable. Thank you for taking a moment to fill out this poll.

Having problems hiring good team members?  Is your hiring process outstanding or generic? Let's find out!

These cumulative results will be shared in the September 20th Chronicles. If you don't currently receive the Chronicles, there is information at the end of this poll on how to sign up. 

All answers are anonymous. There are no right or wrong answers - only your opinion.
Thank you for your participation.
What is your title / position? Select all that apply - we know you might wear multiple hats.
Diplomate / Specialist
Credentialed Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Technician (non-credentialed)
Approved / Credentialed Assistant
Practice / Office Manager
Client Service Rep / Receptionist
Kennel Assistant
Manager - other areas (list in comments)
Instructor / Education position
Industry Representative
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What is the closest description of where you work?

Veterinary Hospital / Clinic - 10 or less staff
Veterinary Hospital / Clinic - 11-30 staff
Veterinary Hospital / Clinic - 31 or more staff
Shelter / rescue
Industry - only veterinary products
Industry - support to veterinary field
Self-employed - in the veterinary field
Self-employed - not in the veterinary field
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What is your age? 

61 or older

Pick best category that applies to you.

I oversee the hiring process
I currently participate in the hiring process
I have been included in past processes
"Not in my Job description"
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Please answer the following based on your last job announcement / posting. It doesn't matter the position you were seeking.

 Yes sometimes No I'm not sure  
The job announcement is updated every time a new position is posted (vs using an old version)  
Announcements are compared to other hospitals  
Our announcement is outstanding  
The announcement targets the correct audience  
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Where are you primarily posting your ads and are they successful (finding qualified candidates)?

 Don't use Yes am finding candidates No luck when posting here Depends on the position I'm not sure 
Hospital website
Zip Recruiter
Linked In
State Association Career Centers
National Association Career Centers
other (list in the comments)
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How long do you keep your candidate inquiries (pick the best one)? 

Keep the resume until we fill the position, then pitch
Keep the resume for about 6 months, then pitch
Keep the resume for about a year, then pitch
Keep the resume for about 2 years, then pitch
Keep the resume forever
Keep the resume until the file cabinet is full then do a purge
We don't have a formal way of keeping track
I'm not sure
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In your hiring process, do you have or request (pick all that apply):

Consistent interviewing process, regardless of position
An outstanding job announcement
Competitive wages
Competitive benefits packages
Candidate review committee (more than one person reviewing resumes)
Ask for a cover letter
Standard email interview questions (same ones asked to each candidate)
Standard phone interview questions (same ones asked to each candidate)
Standard in-person interview questions (same ones asked to each candidate)
Paid working interview
Credit history report
Drug screening
Criminal records report
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We have heard from various hospitals about the increasing frequency of "no-shows" 

 Yes No Depends on the position I'm not sure  
Do you have people not show for interviews?  
Do you have people who have been hired, not show up for the first day of work?  
Do you have people who have just left during the first week of work without notice?  
Do you keep track of no-shows in case they reapply in the future?  
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Do you have any general comments you'd like to add?


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