Leadership Momentum Survey
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Dear Leader,
It's no secret, change is accelerating.  Thank you in advance for helping me take a pulse of how leaders are navigating change and momentum.

There are just 5 questions and should take no more than 2 minutes to complete. Your specific answers will be seen only by me. 
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Let's Roll!
Karen Valencic,  President and Founder
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Which of the following best describes your navigation/leadership in these times of accelerated change?? All that apply.
Surfing on top of the wave with ease and grace - bring it on!
Treading to keep my head above water
Trying to slow down the current only to find myself going in a circle
Unpredicted turbulence throws me off course frequently
Surfing although with a lot of drag from my team/organization

Where do you experience resistance? What slows down your momentum?  Choose all that apply. 

Others' lack of engagement and enthusiasm
Leadership across functions is not aligned
Not trusting things will always be done correctly
Compensating for others' lack of follow through
Getting people, who don't like each other, to work together
I am my biggest obstacle
Constant changing of priorities
Out of date processes
Not enough resources
My direct reports encountering resistance from other departments
List in order of importance the people traits that drives key initiative success in your organization.

(1 = most)
Master of conflict
Fluid and adaptable to change
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Has your team articulated an agreement about HOW you will work together that encourages both innovation and honor of people and perspectives?  


With regards to your agreement of HOW you work together, in what ways do you hold each other accountable to the agreement?  How well does it work?


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Considering your direct reports' relationships across key departments, which best describes your perspective of the relationships: 

Not applicable
They spend a lot of time negotiating and trying to get collaboration across departments; it works but not naturally easy
For the most part all is good, EXCEPT for one department
Sometimes it is hard to believe we work for the same organization there are so many turf battles or negative undercurrents
They collaborate, cooperate and work effectively toward organizational outcomes across departments
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