Orange County Local Section - American Chemical Society Survey
We want to hear from you - the chemistry professionals and educators in Orange County. The information you give will ensure we plan events and provide resources that you think are important. If you have additional feedback or want to reach out to me directly, please E-mail me at - and thank you! 

Dr. Sandra Thompson
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How many other technical societies or groups do you belong to?

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Do you work in a chemistry related field?

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If you answered "yes" to Question 3, does your company or employer reimburse professional development activities costs or society membership costs?

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When are you available to attend Section activities?
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What day or night of the week is best for you to attend events?

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Rank the activities by your degree of interest. 
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Networking Events
Technical Talks or Presentations
Local Poster Sessions
Technical Tours (tours of local facilities)
Social Events
Small Group Meetings tailored to your home or work zip code
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What items would you pay for?

Networking Reception
Dinner and a Technical Talk
Professional Development Conference
Section Social Event
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What area or topic of chemistry most interests you?

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Rank the volunteer activities by your degree of interest.
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Volunteering with the Orange County Local Section generally
Helping a committee that is part of the Local Section, such as WCC, education, environmental
Working with a chemistry club at a local high school, community college, or university
Speaking with the press about chemistry
Talking to local schools about your career in chemistry
Helping with National Chemistry Week, Kids & Chemistry or other educational initiatives
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Please provide any additional comments or information that will help the Orange County Local Section address your interests or training needs.

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