Wanted: eBay Consignment Sellers, Resellers and Collectors
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- If you are an eBay consignment seller and are seeking more business, please complete the following information.

- If you are a reseller and purchase estates, please complete the info below.

- If you are a collector and seeking items to complete your collection, please add your info below.

My goal is to compile a reference list that I can refer people directly to.

Why am I doing this?
Because, I receive many calls and I cannot keep up.  I do not want to hire staff. I would rather pass along the caller to someone local or to someone that has a "niche" selling certain types of items. I will screen the calls and either pass them on or if time permits I may take them myself. Either way, the person calling is getting the help they need.

There is no commitment. You can always turn away the client. All I ask is to please follow-up with them when I refer them to you. Please don't ignore them.  A simple yes or no will be fine. Or you can refer them to someone else. The main thing is that the client is being helped.

FYI I want no compensation for this service. I only want to be able to meet the needs of people wanting to sell their items.  My motto still stands strong "There's plenty of eBay for us all to be blessed and prosper."

Thank you for taking the time to complete the information below. I will contact you ASAP.

Danna Crawford

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What kind of items do you prefer to accept on consignment?

Are you okay with furniture? If so, do you have a preference of style or type?


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Please share with me your consignment fees and/or basic terms.  


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If you buy out estates,let me know the details of which kind of items you prefer. Will you pick-up the items? Share details please so I can send the right people to contact you.


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If you are a collector please share the items you collect.


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How do you prefer I refer the client to you?

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Watch your inbox from: powersellingmom@gmail.com.
I'll contact you very soon!

All the best, Danna