High Sierra AHEC Survey
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This survey is intended to determine the understanding and utilization of implementing Student Wellness Policy within school sites and communities while in compliance with the WCSD.
Goal 1: Throughout the school year, provide education at school sites and in the community on "Smart Snack Standards" to increase understanding among teachers, students, and parents.

Site Requirements:
- Foods sold during the school day in the following locations, (but not limited to) school stores, vending machines, bake sales, the snack bar, must meet the minimum federal regulations as laid out in the Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards.

Site Implementation Suggestions: 
- Foods used as a reward are minimized and foods during celebrations are healthier. 
- Eating healthier foods is encouraged and practiced.
- Knowledge and understanding of "Smart Snack Standards" are present within school sites (e.g. Nutrition posters & Marketing)

Required 1.
How does your school plan on tracking this goal? 

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Required 2.

What programs, activities, or procedures have been implemented so far in your school year to address this goal? 


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Required 3.

What are some barriers and opportunities you have identified within your school for this goal? 


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Required 4.

Who is responsible in your school for overseeing/implementing this Goal? 


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